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Everyone should abide by the same laws

Comment 13th August 2010

Whilst i am fully supportive of scrapping useless laws set up by our equally useless labour government I feel it must be done with equality in mind so please scrap any law and / or loophole that allows certain inderviduals to effectively be above the law. Why cant we prosecute foreign diplomats that brake the law in OUR country? Why were there not more prosecutions against the MPs who stole money from me and every other tax payer? If the iraq invasion was illegal (and im not saying it was, I dont want to be the next David Kelly im just saying if) why is Tony Blair not in jail over war crimes and has his interest in oil at the time been investigated or is he above the law? Finally when northern rock was illegally nationalised Gordon Brown stole my shares can I have my money back please? These are only a few examples but you get my point no one should ever be above the law   

Why does this matter?

I am fed up of living in a corrupt country

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