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Evict council tenants automatically when they are found growing drugs

Comment 2nd July 2010

Automatic eviction for council tenants found cultivating plants used to manufacture drugs should be imposed. I am unfortunate enough to be in the position of living next door to a tenant who had a 'cannabis factory' found in his property 2 months ago. Despite this, he is still living there as the case drags through the courts and the council have told me that he may not be suitable for eviction, it is all dependant on what the court decides! He has been intimidating me and other residents, one of whom moved out rather than face him any more. He has numerous convictions, some for assault – yet is free to continue to live there with his alcoholic partner, 2 vicious dogs with various 'visitors' coming and going, whilst I am left too frightened to look out of my windows anymore.

He threatened to kiil me a week ago and still nothing is done.


Why does this matter?

  1. For my personal safety
  2. Council tenancy and future offers of homes should be dependant on non-criminal behaviour being observed rather than laws protecting drug dealers.
  3. 'Secure' tenancy status should automatically be withdrawn in these cases.   
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