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Exclude convicted criminals from Human Rights Act

Comment 2nd July 2010

I propose that, on conviction of a criminal offence, any prisoner incarcerated be excluded from Human Rights legislation.

Why does this matter?

Dostoevsky's book was called Crime and Punishment, not Crime and Home Comforts!   Incarceration should be both a corrective and punitative measure.   The UK taxpayer should not have to provide the people who do not respect the nation's laws with televisions and other comforts which law-abiding citizens have to work hard to pay for themselves.   As an example, a criminal in Barlinnie Prison in Glasgow won a case against slopping out because it violated his "Human Rights", what about the right not to have a crime committed against you?   This would reduce the costs of running the prison service, as well as providing a viable deterrent against crime.   For too many career criminals, a spell in prison is an acceptable price to pay for the wealth which a lucrative crimial career can provide.

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