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Exemptions from filling in forms for the Office for National Statistics

1 Comment 12th July 2010

Small businesses should not run the risk of incurring penalties when failing to fill in forms for the Office for National Statistics.  This currently falls under Section 1 of the Statistics of Trade Act 1947.  These forms currently cost HMG a lot of money to send out and collectively cost small business executives time and money to fill out.  At the end of the day how much difference does it make to UK Ltd wether my small business has or has not increased the price of one small item in 2010?  If the National Census can be abolished then so can this.

Why does this matter?

It will save HMG money.

It will save small businesses time and money.

It will be one less headache for small businesses to worry about.

It will relieve the worry of incurring penalties if these frequent forms are not returned.

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One Response to Exemptions from filling in forms for the Office for National Statistics

  1. Karen Robertson says:

    We are sent these forms pretty frequently and when they are asking for information on turnover/employees etc, filling them in is a timely task!

    Exemption should be automatic if a company has completed a prescribed number of forms or participated for a set period. We have done our bit, it’s someone else’s turn now!

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