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Expatriate Taxpayers’ Voting Rights

Comment 8th July 2010

Under current arrangements expatriate UK citizens lose their voting right after 15 years.

This disenfranchisement should not apply to those who continue to pay UK taxes on all or part of their income, no matter where they live, or for how long they have been abroad.

The fundamental principle is: "No taxation without representation". This implies that UK taxpayers should always have the right to participate in UK General Elections and contribute to choosing the government(s) that will decide how much tax they will pay.

Expariate pensioners are particularly disadvantaged by the '15 year' bar becasue their incomes are often quite low, so any changes in tax-rates has disproportionate effects.

The disenfranchisement effected by the 15 year ban is contrary to natural justice basic democratic human rights and social fairness.

The Electoral Law should be amended to repeal this provision.

Why does this matter?

The importance of my idea is self-evident from the text.

Anyone who pays UK taxes should have an inalienable right — whilst se continues to pay those taxes — to participate in UK General Elections because the government decides how much tax will be levied.

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