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Extend SOCA reports to those that have the information or scrap it.

Comment 21st July 2010

I've always found it mildly amusing that accountants and solicitors are required to make tax fraud reports when they see tax evasion, but not those people who actually see them day to day, ie business brokers and estate agents.

If reporting of tax fraud isn't implemented widely it is ineffective. In which case why impose the cost on a small section of the business community.

Do it properly or scrap it.

Why does this matter?

Tax and VAT fraud is rife in the lower reaches of business – particularly the cash ones. Ensuring that nobody can buy or sell businesses without having a report filed on their activities by the agent would really help clean up that area of the market.

The current half baked implementation doesn't really help tackle the problem where it lies. Either do it properly or scrap it.

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