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Extradite Al-quaeda members wanted in other countries.

Comment 10th July 2010

I propose that if a person was not born in Britain (or a linked country that accepts Queen Elizabeth as its monarch) and is wanted by another country to put them on trial for terrorist-related offenses we should send them, especially if they were born in the country that is requesting them back.

The British people, while not callous, believe that the millions we spend mollycoddling foreign prisoners is wrong when it could be spent on more worthy causes like funding the NHS, the salaries of public sector workers, paying for cancer drugs or paying off our national debt.

The costs of having each foreign terror suspect in Britain is astronomical, as often the state is paying for their housing, legal aid and food and clothing. The process drags on for years in the courts with the European Court of human rights getting involved, making the process even longer and more costly to Britain.

We should also investigate whether or not non-British born Al-queda sympathisers should be deported back to their countries of origin.




Why does this matter?

To send a message to terrorist groups that Britain is not a 'soft touch' and we will deport you if you commit terrorist offences. Also we would help britain's foreign relations by playing ball with other countries – perhaps we could get some of our nationals back as part of a prisoner swap?

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