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Fair council tax for key workers living away from home

Comment 11th July 2010

I would like the government to truly support key workers who, through necessity, have to live away from home during the working week.  I would suggest a pro-rata system where eg. I pay 5/7 of the council tax to my working week council and the other 2/7 to my weekend council. 

Why does this matter?

Currently, many key workers have no choice but to work away from home if they are to find a job (and this will only get worse with proposed government cuts).  The current regulations state that such individuals pay full council tax for their weekend property and 90% for their weekday residence.  This seems ridiculous when you consider that, as a rule, key workers are not paid high wages and, especially if they are renting, they will make no financial gain from the rental property upon leaving.  So how can they be charged the same amount for council tax as eg. a wealthy individual who buys a second property as a weekend retreat and often for profit?

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