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Fairer benefits system

Comment 6th July 2010

I think the benefit system needs to be fairer i was recently told that i could no longer claim job seekers allowance as i have allowed my partner to move in with me so i now have no income at all & he has to pay my full rent, council & and all my others bill. leaving us with practically no money left over . The way the system is now its making it so easy for people to be unemployed as if my partner stopped working i could claim for the both of us & we wouldn't need to pay rent . At the very least you should still be able to get some money even if its not the full amount. It was my house to start off with & now just cause he lives with me he is expected to pay all the bills & i can't contribute to anything . The way the benefit system is now it doesn't seem very fair or just .

Why does this matter?

Its not fair that if your single person & one person in the household is working that they should be expected to pay all the bills that doesn't seem fair or right to me . as i have said it is making it too easy for us to be unemployed as at least then i  could claim of the two of us & he wouldn't be expected to pay every single bill, It would be even worse if i was a single parent  its not fair that because of the way the system works people should be punished just for allowing the person they love to move in . I think it also puts a strain of the relationship as they are working all the hours just to pay your bills & they don't have any money left .

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