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February 29th Should be a Bank Holiday

Comment 8th July 2010

Every four years we are given the gift of an extra day in the year.  This day should be an additional bank holiday for everyone.  It only happens every four years so would not be expensive for businesses.  It happens in the winter so would be cheaper as heating and lighting bills for employers could be reduced. 

Most important, it would give everyone an occasional  break in that long dark period between the end of Christmas and the arrival of Easter, a chance for everyone to get some fresh air, check the countryside or local parks for the first signs of Spring, and appreciate the gift of a whole extra day. 

I would also suggest that the theme of the day should be an appreciation of the natural world and the arrival of the new Season. 

Why does this matter?

The gift of time is too important to have to spend the extra day we get every four years doing the same mundane things that you do the rest of the time. 

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