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Fine Councils that approve of too many takeaways.

Comment 2nd July 2010

We're constantly having it drummed into us about what we need to do to eat and be healthy and there has been a lot of talk about increasing the price of food that is not as good for us as it should be. (I'd prefer to see healthy options made much cheaper).

I find it extraordinary then, that my local council seems to be positively encouraging people to eat rubbish by allowing so many applications for fast food takeaways as other businesses close down. It's a small town centre with 4 Indian takeaways, 2 pizza takeaways, 5 Chinese takeaways, a burger takeaway, 2 chippies and a deli sandwich takeway. This does not include the restaurants and pubs (yes, there are some pubs left!). The vast majority of these are along one street! No wonder there are so many obese people living here.

Now, I'm all for freedom of choice but surely that is not what we are getting when my local council seems so hell bent on approving so many establishments.

It seems to me that councils are taking the 'easy option' when allowing applications for takeaway food and should be encouraging more diverse business opportunities. Human beings have more wants, needs and requirements than food – and unhealthy food at that.

Why does this matter?

For the reasons stated above.

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