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FLAT RATE TAX SYSTEM, make the UK the world’s financial centre !

Comment 9th July 2010

I was thinking to start a small business until i realsied all the paper work i would have to do to comply with tax laws.

And never mind complying, 3-4 years in i'd have boxes of paper work that Govt. could come and look through any time they pleased, distracting me from my daily business, effecting my work load unnecesarily and perhaps even finding innocent mistakes i'd made, that might cause me fines and even accusations.

It wasn't worth the hassle.

Make a Flat Tax and set us free from this nonense of forms and rubbish.

The revenue will increase because A. people and businesses won't be burdened spending a fair percentage of their time and money on tax compliance. B. The Govt. won't be motoring through hundreds of millions running a massive bureaucracy to collect such complex taxes that there is probably no one who fully understands, and half the country with errors in their returns, and C. because it will promote honestly. It won't be worth cheating on a reasonable flat tax, because its easy to deal with and you can sleep at night.

You need to make Govt. relevant again, make some radical changes to things, the 20th Century ideas are bankrupt. We are in the information age now, we need clean, quick simple, no nonsense taxes. Not stuffy complicated, confounding and even worrying forms to fill in that are easy to make mistakes on. Take the governance out of Government.

Why does this matter?

Because a flat rate tax will put Britian on the map again. Ex Pats will pour back home bringing with them considerable capital since most are high income earners. Even if they don't spend all their time in the UK, they will be happy to be tax domiciled in the UK again. People that have been disconnected from their families and friends will suddenly see that's its worth to return to their homeland that treats them with respect ,not as a cash cow.

Businesses will return to the UK, plenty have been moving down to Switzerland lately to avoid the communist regieme installed by Brown. But who wants to live in Zurich compared with London ?

In 1997 when Blair came in, Britain entered a kind of renassiance period for some years, when suddenly London was cool again, but like much of Labour it was a fake. Just like the 60s and 70s labour govts. when the joy ride of spending came to an end the hang over begun.

Make a flat tax, and you will return the UK to being the global business centre that it always was. Make the annnouncement and see if the USD / GBP doesn't jump 10 cents in one day !.

You'll be way ahead of the EU countries, way ahead of the US, all the innovation and entrepreneurs will pour into the UK bringing jobs, and cash with them. Do it now and do it fast, before someone else does !!!.

The UK is on the brink of becoming irrelevant, relegaded to the status of similar non descript countries its size. A flat tax will really stir things up again, and my god real estate in london is going to start flying up in price as the execs move back into town.

And before you write this idea off, look at the burden of taxes, the budget for collecting them and running the Inland Revenue which is all ulimtately useless money. Look at the expenditure of businesses on accountants and book keepers, and storing huge piles of documents for ever and a day, all wasted useless money, going into a huge complex bureaucracy that no one understand properly.

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