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Comment 12th August 2010

In reply to scrapping the 'Supporting People Programme' – the people who think the programme should be scrapped are probably sitting behind a desk looking at figures and have no understanding of whats going on in our communities and the problems faced by lack of services due to funding cuts  – my idea would be to shadow me for a few weeks – then give me your comments !

In my opinion the people who are saying the programme should be scrapped are saying the vulnerable do not need help. 




Why does this matter?

Keeping our service is extremely important – as a company we support our customers to be independant – people that due to unfortunate circumstances do not know what to do or where to turn, who are scared to use the phone, will not go out, isolated, suffer with mental health, drug/alcohol, DV, street homeless – we support all vulnerable people. Our customers can self refer but a large number are referred by social services, local authority, GP's, mental health, etc

Since working as a Floating Support Officer I have supported my customers to :- maintain tenancies, find a home, deal with debts, start college/training/volunteer, support for mental health, drugs/alcohol, find employment these are only a few.

If our service was lost who would be able to support the vulnerable !!


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