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FM has been with us for many, many years it has also served its purpose well why should they take that away from the public?

Comment 23rd July 2010

BECAUSE we like to lesson to a local radio station with local news, the older generation have the radio for company and not won’t to be forced in to change their radios for digital and wont to keep their own radio that their happy and use to using.

Any what will happen to all our local radio man and woman who will LOSE there jobs when the government gets rid of FM radio? The government keeps complaining about every one being on the dole but what can we do when they NOT just taking our RADIO but peoples JOBS too!!!!

Why does this matter?

Because I wont to support the future of FM and the government get rid of some thing that would benefit the people e.g. get rid of tax on the life boats.

 It would also prove that you lesson to the young people if you lesson to my idea why you should keep FM radio because I am only 19 years of age and I fell my idea is worth your time.

 Stacey B x

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