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FM Radio Leglislation

Comment 12th August 2010

Currently, the Parliamentary plan is to switch off the use of FM radio as a way of broadcasting for many radio stations by 2015, and I have to deeply oppose this. I agree that technological advancement and the digital switchover is necessary, but radio has to be an exclusion to this. Instead of FM, stations are going to be forced to broadcast on DAB, a technology which relies on the receiving ariel being in one place. In the home, this is acceptable, albeit an inconvinience. In cars however, this is by its very nature, impossible. Not only this, but currently, few but the most expensive of cars come equipped with DAB radios, and they are difficult to add. The Car being one of the main places that many people listen to the radio, advertising revenue would fall and many of our countries beloved radio stations would fall into losses, and eventually out of business.

This is a simply crackpot idea of the Labour government, and must not be allowed to go ahead.

Why does this matter?

For the preservation of hundreds of jobs throughout our country, and the preservation of hundreds of radio stations which would otherwise be forced to cease broadcasting.

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