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Focus On The Victims Of Crime

Comment 20th July 2010

In our current fiscal situation, the UK is to lose a potential 65-000 police officers.

Today, Louise Casey the Victims and Witness Commissioner has spoken freely of how the current judicial system is failing the victims of crime:

With Kenneth Clarke looking for ways to cut the judicial system budget, it is prudent and respectful to those who have been a victim of crime to to receive the support they deserve and appropriate penalties should be focused on crime with a victim.  This is where law and order should be focused.

It is insulting to those who have suffered real crime to still place onus on catching people with cannabis, there is no victim involved with this plant, and resources simply cannot be spared on this unjust and futile war.  Alcohol is taking up an immeasurable amount of time, money and resources on the police, cannabis has never and can never create this drain on the force as an ingested substance; and as many senior members of the force have spoken out in ending the war on cannabis, please can they be listened to.  It is an infringement of everyone's civil liberties as it stands that cannabis is still given attention by law when violent crime is so prevalent.  Crime needs a victim, so please let's focus on that ethos.

Why does this matter?

Because the war on drugs is counter productive and prohibition is a catastrophic failure, examples from across the world speak for themselves.

Portugal, the flag bearer of the health stance of substances.  They have lowered usage, quashed under-age abuse,  and HIV rates have nearly been extinguished.

Compare this to Russia who have a 100% judicial view.  Their Mafia is the most powerful in the world and it is due to the drug market, HIV rates are around 60%, and usage amongst adults and children is out of control.  Please see here for more details:

With regards to cannabis, the Brixton Project in the UK (2001) is once more a proven success.  In 6 months under a decriminalised structure, the police saved 1 350 hours.  This figure speaks for itself.  There is real crime taking place, we all have a place in society, and we all wish to be safe.  Please focus on the victims of crime and serve them correctly.

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