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Food Labeling

Comment 23rd July 2010

The food labelling laws should be changed so that only produce that is raised or manufactured in the UK can be called “British” and/ or display the union jack on the label..

Many people seek to buy only British products (especially meat and dairy) because of the higher welfare standards applicable to British farmers. People also seek to “buy British” to support Britain’s economy and self-sufficiency/ farmers.

Why does this matter?

If identifying British products was easier, and this lead to increased sales of British goods, this will help to boost the UK economy, stop our manufacturers and farmers going to the wall (saving jobs) and promote the use of higher welfare standards across the EU (so they can sell to us well informed Brits). Hugh Fernely-Whittingstall and Jamie Oliver brought these issues to the public’s attention, the public (largely) want to shop ethically and now shops and producers must be forced to facilitate that for the good of animal rights, the well being of the country in general (non dependency on imports) and the economy.   

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