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Food labelling

Comment 2nd September 2010

Stop food companies hiding behind food labelling rules and get them to print exactly what is contained in the whole packet. I have just had a bottle of MARS drink. The portion size is suggetsed as 200ml, for which they publish the sugar and fat content. However, no one would drink just 200ml, they would drink the whole bottle, 330ml which gives nearly double the % RDA sugar they advertise on the bottle.

Why does this matter?

How do we expect people to stop getting fatter when the food labels do not acurately reflect what is in the packet??


Another example is a large share size packet of M&Ms that describes a portion as 45g. Who carries scales into the cinema? How on earth are we supposed to know what 45g of M&Ms looks like?? Better show the calories, sugar and fat for the whole packet and then the manufacturers will start to sell smaller packets again. Crips for example. The grab bag is supposed to be for sharing. But some garages don't sell smaller packets. No wonder we are all over weight.

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