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Force people to read the thread!

Comment 27th July 2010

People should be required to read the thread, not just the original post. Many of the ideas proposed are based on poor research or understanding of the law in question. See this example:  where a complete misrepresentation/misunderstanding of the law in question has resulted in many kneejerk responses despite the real facts being readily available and presented in the thread.

Readers are arriving at an 'Idea' and voting without reading other posts, posts which may, or may not, answer their objections or clarify issues with the original post. People are leaving comments that clearly demonstrate they have done no more than read the OP, which they have accepted as fact, and asking basic questions that have been addressed already within the thread.

Most of the thread are of a managable length, it must be possible to at least read some of it.

Why does this matter?

A large proportion of the 'Ideas' are ill founded and based on poorly understood 'facts' or automatic and prejudiced responses, i.e. anything from H&E must be 'nannying'

Some poor Ideas are receiving high scores simply because people respond unthinkingly to the misrepresented arguments.

For this site to be useful the scores must be meaningful and this requires that people engage with the subject, not just respond to the latest tabloid 'OUTRAGE!'

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