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Forced adoption of children in secrecy

2 Comments 18th July 2010

Repeal the arrangements that allow children to be forcibly taken from their families and often adoped forcibly – in secreat.   Make sure the parents have the common law right to defend themselves in front of a judge.   Give the press and parents the right to speak aboput and seek help about these matters, rather than their being banned from even talking to an MP in order to get help with their case.

Why does this matter?

British justice, has always been seen to be done, except in the case of National Security.   If the law is to be used to strip families of their choldren it shoul at least happen in public.

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2 Responses to Forced adoption of children in secrecy

  1. lynne cashmore says:

    We are willing to go public on the family affair that is to take place at the end of the month,if there is a paper out there that is truefull and can speak without fear from any organisation

  2. Shaz2013 says:

    What’s stopping us? We need to be heard and I say we begin now before other children are falsely put up for Adoption! We should come together for our children’s sakes I’m ready for it!

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