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Fox Hunting with dogs

Comment 5th July 2010

I am dismayed you are intending to legalise hunting foxes with dogs.  This is in fact legalising gang-dog fighting, certainly more cruel and bestial than one-on-one dog fighting, which is illegal.  Indeed I can't see how you can legalise fox hunting with dogs if dog fighting is indeed illegal.  Maybe if you do have your way supporters of the "conventional " dog fighting will successfully argue their "sport" should also be legal. 

Why does this matter?

Cruelty to animals is intrinsically important anyway, as inflicting pain and suffering on living creatures is abhorrent to a civilised society.  It is also a fact, backed by studies going back over 70 years in the USA, that those who had found pleasure in cruelty to people, especially children and vulnerable individuals, had almost invariably a history of cruelty to animals.  Examples are the recent parental child killers in this country, Peter Tobin also, and Geoffrey Darma in the USA several years ago.

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