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2 Comments 12th February 2015

The Labour Government spent a lot of time introducing the foxhunting ban amid much opposition. The Conservative Government is planning to repeal the ban which will also have much opposition.

Instead of this why not kill the issue once and for all by giving us a referendum. I'm quite sure we all individually know how we feel about this and could deliver a decisive result we would all have to respect. It would also take the party politics out of the issue.

The referendum could be held at the same time as the proposed referendum on voting reform and I think would lead to a big turnout.

Why does this matter?

I think it’s important because it’s such a divisive issue. If the current ban is repealed then we would return to the days of anti hunt protestors trying to disrupt hunt meetings and all the violent disorder we had then.

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2 Responses to Foxhunting

  1. Bernard & Yvonne Baskeyfield says:

    Cruel sport to both foxes, and hounds, which can be killed when they get to old to hunt.

  2. Malcolm Dunn says:

    The fact that Cameron – who so far has convinced people (including me) that he is the most reasonable of men – suddenly decides to support the pathetic pastime of foxhunting is amazingly dim.

    If he couldn’t see that his support of this barbaric ‘sport’ of the landed gentry is going to outrage 90% at least of the electorate, then I, and I am sure very many people, now doubt his judgement on all matters that may be subject to pressure from the rich.

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