One hundred years ago, Nikola Tesla, a leading pioneer of electrical power systems, discovered that non-poluting free energy could be harnessed from the Earth and from the vacuum of space. His discoveries were lost to the world and, because of the science establishment's blnkered approach, we now rely on poluting and dangereous fossil and nuclear power. Over the years, many experimenters, both amateur and professional, have stumbled upon the technique of extracting this inexhaustible supply of free energy but their efforts have come to nothing. Why? because of greed, corruption and the powerful interests of established energy companies,  governments and the military. These developments have been supressed  and hidden and not one single free energy device has ever been successfully marketed. It is now time for these to be developed freely so that we can all have enough energy as we need without poluting our planet.

Why does this idea matter?

The extraction of free electrical power does not break any physical laws as the scientists haven't appreciated that it was there for the taking. Science has taken a wrong turn over the past 100 years and its about time the hidden technology was studied properly and those forces which have suppressed this knowledge should be forced to divulge these hidden technologies. The UK Government is now charged with leading the way in the Energy Revolution and making it possible for us all to benefit.  

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