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free people from poverty and benifits

Comment 10th August 2010

why doesn't the government help groups of unemployed people/disabled people and any other people to set up their own full co-operative business. this could be a productive way for people to free themselves from benifits (maybe not straightaway but in the long run as the business improves – details would need ironing out).  help them retrain if necessary, give them business advisors and financial advisors to help them find a product niche. show them how find business premises.  apply from the lowly production operative to the CEO for equal pay (okay I know thats difficult to accept but in my view the first priority is not to be state dependent – and in any case, my view is that every job is worthwhile and needs to be recognised equally) I strongly object to the current mindset of greed without care for those on low pay.  If people shared it more there wouldn't be all this sodding benifit dependency would there. I think this will help people a) get off benifits b) promote wealth and investment c) create a fairer system of wealth and enable the government to roll back its interference.  it would help get the country moving.

if unemployment does rise sharply after all these cut backs, how else are we going to rid ourselves or at least reduce poverty, inequality and social problems.

in my view, people need to feel as though they have a future, self employment aft er years of employment may represent a major shift in mental attitude but i think it has to be done/considered. we need to start making things again if we are to provide our own security too. co-operatives would help in that process.

There is a need for us to be more creative, we should be doing that.  I know this idea of mine has links to left wing ideas, which may or may not be unpopular but I am not looking at it from that stand of ideology.  I am looking at it from the point of see a problem, make a suggestion that might help fix it.

Why does this matter?

release people from poverty, government dependence, and with greater wealth (ie better than benifits – eh nice catch phase – better than benifits) reduce crime and social problems. and possibly social unrest (I worry about that one alot – seeing as though some places have been attacked already ie banks)

to encourage creativity and draw on british strength, restore national pride without the slide into extremism or mass prejudice.

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