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Free pupils and teachers from ridiculous health & safety

Comment 5th July 2010

My mum is a teacher and runs a lot of school trips. She is require by law for children up to the age of 18 (eg drama trips) to perform ludicrous health & safety checks.

Taking a group of year 13s (aged 17 to 18) to see a performance in the National Theatre last October she was required to:

-make sure none of the pupils touched the doors of the Underground carriages for fear of germs

-check there were no bombs under their seats in the Theatre, despite it having its own Bomb Removal and Safety team

-make sure that no pupils had to sit next to a (SHOCK HORROR) member of the regular public, placing herself between the defenseless student and the presumably menacing member of the public.

And that's just one example of one trip. She's also not even allowed to pat a pupil on the back when he had a breakdown in front of her and started crying (caused by A-Level stress, but that's a different kettle of fish).


Why does this matter?

This obsession with protecting children from strangers instils fear and distrust in the whole society. The world is NOT full of axe murderers. It is full of kind normal people with a sense of humour, an accent, a job, and a ticklish spot on their toes.

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