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Free Speech

Comment 12th July 2010

How about restoring a human being's right to freely express their ideas, without being oppressed by a government that doesn't agree with them? Your continued ban of Michael Savage is outrageous! As an American soldier, I fought alongside our British allies in Iraq in 2003, and am immensely proud of both our country's joint stand against the Nazis and Imperial Japan in WWII. As an American citizen of Irish ancestry, I am fully aware of both the wrongs your government committed against the Irish people, and the wrongs currently being committed against all free people by Islamic extremists. That you would group Mr. Savage with these terrorists shows the lunacy of the current wave of political correctness.  It pains me to see the direction your country is headed in response to the growth of radical Islam.

Why does this matter?

If human beings can not be free to think, and debate, and argue and disagree, then we are all nothing more than slaves to whomever rules us at that time.

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