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free swimming for children and pensioners

Comment 14th July 2010

As a pensioner i feel this should not be taken away from us. This is one way children can keep fit and be usefully using their time and at no cost. As a pensioner we at present belong to a gym. However we have reviewed our finances and realise that next year this will not be possible. We both enjoy swimming and so look foreward to more visits to the pool to make up for the gym sessions we will miss. we would not be able to afford to go as often if at all of it was nt free. the sessions are always full and i am sure half an hour in the pool 3 times a week for free is much cheaper than living at the doctors and hospital because you are unfit.

Why does this matter?

i think this should be looked at as health preventative measure and not be abolished. I know a lot of people who go now and would not if it was not free.  Use of pools has increased and i am sure when stats are looked at in years to come that the health benefits will outweigh the costs. I see this a s a cost saving measure to keep the free sessions instaed of pills and appointments for unhealthy people.

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