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Free The Naked Rambler

2 Comments 2nd July 2010

Why keep someone in prison for life, just because they refuse to wear clothes,

Stephen Gough, has been told, that he will spend life behind bars, if he refuses to wear clothes, and by life, they mean life, not a twelve year tariff, a whole life tariff, made up of short sentences, followed by a few seconds of freedom, before re arrest. 

This is an extremely imature attitude of the judiciary towards him, and attitude that reaks of "we are the toughest gang, you are going to obey us, you will never win, we will"

Make the judiciary grow up, send the guy on his way, and save us, the thirty thousand pounds a year it costs to keep the guy in jail, not to mention the re prosecution costs, every twelve months or so.


Why does this matter?

This idea is important, because a man that has harmed no one, is at risk of spending the rest of his natural life in prison, just because of some calvanistic and bullying attitudes, of some little irrelevant court, and a few officials full of their own self importance.

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2 Responses to Free The Naked Rambler

  1. Stu says:

    Bad idea. VERY bad idea. Firstly, this man is openly and repeatedly defying the law. Basically, he is trying to change the law by forcing the governments and the courts to allow him to do as he pleases. It’s a kind of blackmail. Secondly, I really don’t want to live in a public environment in which exhibitionists are free to expose their genitalia, thanks. So I support the Scottish courts.

  2. Harry says:

    I think it’s a good idea to let the naked rambler Stephen Gough be free to do what he wants. So I disagree with Stu. What harm can he do? None what so ever. Remember the story of Diogenes of Sinope?

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