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Free Universities – Pay students – Freedom

Comment 10th July 2010

Scrap university fees and pay students so that they do not start their carreers in debt – it is like slavery in a modern form. Look at the Scandinvaian systems where all education is FREE and each student is paid a minimum amount every month to cover basis living cost. University places are limited and you have to earn your place there by a points system and not like here where drop out rates are high!! 


The current system is just a total unnesseary layer of bureacarcy where students from less well off families have to prove their inability to pay – or you have a young man or woman who has wealthy parents but who are not willing to pay what does this young person do – total independance is important and society should encurage FREEDOM and EQUALITY but with an obligation to society for the education one has received.

Why does this matter?

It is very important that we as a society provide a good and solid basis for growth and not like it is at the moment where yount people start their professional carreers from below zero – it is plainly wrong to put people in debt deliberately especially at the begining. It seems to be designed by people who do not have debt and who do not know the concept of finding it difficult to meet thier basic monthly commitments.

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