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Freedom before ‘Equality’

Comment 15th July 2010

The EU, slavishly followed by the last Labour Government, implemented directives on 'Equality & Diversity' and 'Health & Safety' in such as a way as to seriously hinder individual freedom and common senses. The worst has been 'equality' legislation which seems to promote the interests of particular groups, e.g. homosexuals, lesbians, 'transgendered' individuals, bisexuals – at the expense of those who do not approve of the life-styles of these groups. It is not self-evident that these life-styles are healthy and normal whatever the incessant propaganda tells us. Probably the majority of the population disapproves of them. But increasingly 'equality' legislation has been used to silence and marginalse those who object, e.g. the Christian Churchs and orthodox Jews, Muslims and Hindus. Judges have recently decided that the right to 'equality' trumps the right to have a religious belief and to act on that belief (Art. 9 of the European Charter of Human Rights). This cannot be right as it simply creates new inequalities which is why I have placed the word 'equality' in inverted commas throughout this posting.

Why does this matter?

A truly democratic society is one which is pluralistic. It is right that sexual minorities be treated with respect and they be allowed to lead their sexual lives in private as they wish. It is a threat to democracy for these groups to impose by legislation and complacent judges their sexual morality on the rest of society.

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