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Freedom behind bars.

Comment 12th August 2010

To introduce the teaching of TM (Transcerdental Meditation) in pirons and to add the requirement to practise TM as a from of sentencing to the repertoire of judges. Offenders could be sentencd to practise TM regularly until their metabolic rates, galvanic skin response. brain wave coherence. and other measurable physiological correlates of positive well-being  reach speciifed levels.

There has already been a good deal of scientific research carried out on the practice of TM within prisons. measured benefits include reduced recidivism rates,  improved social behaviour, fewer rule infractions improvements in mental health, reduced drug abuse, decreased hostility.

Why does this matter?

The introduction of TM within offender education and as an option for sentencing provides a highly cost effective and proven method to radically reduce  recidivism rates. It truly brings fullfilment to the idea of civil liberty when  individuals become freer within themselves and contribute to the general freedom withon society. Other research has shown that when one per cent of a population practises TM (or the square root of one per cent practisng advanced forms of TM together). this results in decreased negative tendencies within that society, eg fewer road accidents, fewer hospital admissions, reduced crime, etc

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