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Freedom from Inept Civil Servants

Comment 24th July 2010

The FT recently reported on a new British Project called UKube1 which needed funding for its own launch rocket too, as Mr Willets misguidedly announced at this years Farnborough Airshow.

Remember Beagle of a few years ago which Prof. Pillinger led? Yup, ESA severely criticised it, because Engineers were not involved in its design. Remember too, that ESA (The European Space Agency) got it to Mars, but it disappeared virtually as soon as it was launched. I do not believe any claim that it was photographically found as debris on Mars – that is just an unnacceptable defence of a badly designed programme in my view.

So, if ESA launches rockets, why are we to build a new one according to the Minister, Mr Willetts? I note from his CV that he is philosopher, and makes arguments on behalf of Conservative Party strategy. So, some Civil Servant has primed Mr Willetts to say that which he did, Mr Willetts was unable to question it because he certainly has no experience of engineering or physics programmes, and spoke rubbish, not even in line with Coalition Govt policy – to remove all wasted spending.

I suggest the Govt cancel the whole idea, stop ESA because that Willetts Civil Service group is spending many millions of hidden money on so called science projects within the ESA orbit, and get rid of the top civil servants who dreamed up this totally wasteful fiasco too.


Why does this matter?

My freedom is being curtailed because Govt is wasting money.

My freedom is being curtailed because VAT is going up.

My freedom is being curtailed because clearly Scientists are dreaming up wasteful programmes, and their education has to be questioned.

Review Educational Syllabi in all disciplines for the real needs of our future, not just rubbish physics. There is no doubt A levels are far easier these days than they used to be – Mine are in Pure Maths, Applied Maths, and Physics back in 1960 – I have my books from those days, and I have recent Letts revision books on Physics, and clearly, todays A levels do not even reach my O level standards which I took in 1958!!

Rubbish in, means rubbish out. It has to stop.

I suggest some good big engineering companies totally review our education system, and make sure that our kids learn how to think logically, not just all this rote rubbish like religion and Shakespeare – those big memory jobs should be consigned to the waste bin – or the University, not jammed into Heads which are half the size of mine.

Logic and memory use the same brain space – fill a small head with memory and logic never has a foothold to grow. Our brains are computers so we need good computers (good engineers not scientists) to teach our little ones how best to use them.

Good Engineers learn to manage BIG programes involving many hundreds of people and work at the challenging frontiers of both creativity and technology. Scientists work as individuals in small teams on small things – like quarks. They cannot match good engineers.

Oh, and check the IMechE website and search on "Code of Conduct" – just the job for all of us.

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