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Freedom From Noise Nuisance Act Needed

Comment 11th July 2010

There needs to be tighter laws to nforce councils and or police to act upon complaints of noise nuisance from 11pm til 6am. Disturbed sleep is dangerous to your mental and physical health and ruins lives. It should be a human right to have a peaceful nights sleep.

At present if you phone the council they will want an exact address before doing anything. The council should be obliged by law to go out and investigate a noise nuisance if say, you know its rough location ie on the first floor of a block of flats. We the public shouldnt be expected to go out in our pj's at 2am to locate the exact address. This discriminates against women. the elderly, the disabled and the sick who cannot go out in the night time and possibly risk abuse.

once the perpetrators address is established, the law should warn them that next time they will be heavily fined and possibly have their hifi equipment confiscated.

We have had enough of noise nuisance.  

Why does this matter?

Lack of sleep or disturbed sleep affects your mental and physical health. Children cant concentrate in school, adults cant work properly, accidents can happen if you are lacking sleep, the elderly and the sick will suffer,  without good sleep. Councils dont do enough.

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