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Comment 24th August 2010

My idea is to cut out a lot of unnecessary bureaucracy and red tape making it harder for able-minded as well as able bodied people on the autism spectrum start up their own businesses.  I would also like to see professionals who know little or nothing about autism/Asperger Syndrome take the trouble to educate themselves.  Misunderstandings have led to unnecessary levels of stress and anxiety in the workplace, even for the more able on the spectrum such as high-functioning and Asperger Syndrome.

I would also like to see removed barriers of communication and prejudice towards those with a disability.  Although people cannot see Asperger Syndrome, it does not however mean to say that it does not exist.  I would also like to see improvements such as employment support agencies have greater involvement in training and leading those on the spectrum into work.  I believe everyone has the right to work in order to live independently, enjoying the dame pleasures and privileges as neurotypicals.  It is a basic human right that, before the Autism Act was passed before Parliament, was largely overlooked and often ignored.

Why does this matter?

I think my idea is important because with improved communication and mentoring of those on the autistic spectrum, both in further education and in future employment, will both benefit from the advantages the services can provide.  Again, this is all down to finance and the government of the UK should promote the idea that Positive Towards Disability (two-tick symbol) is used more freqently and will help liaise between employers and potential employees about the best way forward.

I also feel the time is right for employment law to change in order to accept everyone with a disability – including those on the autistic spectrum.  This takes patience, tolerance, kindness, consideration and understanding – five fundamental qualities every employer should have – in order that those on the spectrum should be given the same rights to work and earn a living just like everyone else.

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