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Freedom of Information Act

Comment 9th July 2010

For god's sake start charging for requests?

How can it be right that a widow must pay to see her late husban's medical records, and some journalist (sott about the foul language there) can send in requests to hundreds of organisations with one email and pay nothing?

Why are we subsidising the press, and vicitmising the poorer in our society?

And while I'm on tis subject. How are you going to justify cutting jobs when this act is in force? It takes up staff time and resources to meet requests?

What are you going to do Nick, cut nurses jobs to save money and replace them with bureaucrats to meet FOI requsts? Nice one! I am sure the taxpayers will understand that.


Why does this matter?

#it is important because the Freedom of Information Act is costing the taxpayer millions of pounds per year in hidden costs. It has led not to the FREEDOM of information, but to the CONTROL of information as journalists and pressure groups seek to find figures that they can use to pursue a particular agenda and manipulate public sentiment.

Most working taxpayers do not have the time or interest to put in a lengthy FOI request and only see the results of jounralists requsts after the results have been sufficiently 'spun' to support whatever angle the the particulat organ wishes to pursue.

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