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Freedom of speech

Comment 12th July 2010

I would like to have back my right to express an opinion please.


Under Labour's social engineering agenda they made certain belief systems and lifestyles invulnerable to any kind of critique or debate. For example saying that you disagreed with Islam for ANY reason could result in being accused of racism, hate crime, bigotry and lack of understanding, without any consideration of the possible right and wrongs of this or any other belief or way of life…and most importantly the right of people to express disagreement, provided this is not ironically in the case of Islam, accompanied by violence against those who do not share your view.

The result is that certain groups are given a platform to espouse and indoctrinate without any fear of accountability or need for explanation….I suspect this was Labour's intention all along…after all they all but ignored Parliament for 13 years…the very crucible of debate and democracy in this country.


Can I have my rights to free speech back please?

Why does this matter?

Beacuse free speech is the foundation of our socirty and country

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