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Comment 2nd July 2010

I beleive that as an Englishman mine and others have actually lost our freedom of speech due to the race laws and the likes of Harriet Harman and Trevour Phillips and the equalities commission. this is one quango that should go asap as I personally find that they are an attack on decent British people who are now frightened of saying anything in public on any subject as somehow anything seems to be turned into a race issue, this quango should be classed as illeagle in my view and Trevour Phillips shouldn't even have the job he does have as he was appointed by Ms Harman without the permission of parliament as I beleive should have been the case.

Why does this matter?

self explanetary; the Rights of British people to have a true freedom of speech without persicution from what is yet another money wasting exercise from  labours quango list

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