Freedom to defend my home and property by whatever means I deem apprpriate

Current legislation leaves home owners vulnerable to retrospective consideration by the courts on whether the action they took against an intruder was proportional.  If you find an intruder in your home or on your personal property uninvited you should have the right to take whatever action you deem necessary to defend yourself, your family and your property. 

If you were to call the police, and they were to attend, they will be wearing stab vests, carrying tazer guns, truncheons, etc.  They may even be armed.  If they consider this equipment necessary to perform their day-to-day duties in the community why is the home owner restricted to polite requests to leave and second guessed after the event if they take stronger action? 

None of us knows what the intruder may be prepared to do to defend himself and therefore the home owner should have the right to take whatever action he or she wishes.  The home owner is the innocent party and should stay that way.

Why does this idea matter?

This idea is important because for too long the victim of the crime has become the suspect and held in suspense for months or years purely because they defended themselves.  We should remove this impedement to our self protection.

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