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Freedom to oppose Traffic Regulation Orders and their proposals without resonable notice.

Comment 28th July 2010

Traffic regulation orders are a legal instrument used by local authorities and the Highways Agency to impose restrictions on roads under their juristriction.

Unfortunately the system is abused. The legal requirements for advertising proposals are outdated and leads to frequent users of a road being ignored and in many cases ignorant NIMBYISM.

I propose that as a minimum Traffic Regulation Order proposals should be available on line and that indications of such proposals should be advertised road side readable at driving speed. It would not be unreasonable to suggest that interested parties could subscribe to an FOC email service notifiying proposals as they become available.

By law local authorities must be compelled listen to competent authorities such as the police. I would go further and suggest that existing orders should be open to review by tribunal if the original order was obtained by stealth.

Why does this matter?

I'm aware of too many instances where proper consultation has not occured with TROs.

For example, many ridiculous speed limits have been applied without good reason and without support from the road users or the police. (A515/A5004 for starters).

Proper advertising of proposals will provide transparency and if my MP is to be believed, less angst when something happens people were unaware of. 

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