Freedom to refuse Police right to take DNA, Photographs and finger and foot prints

We as citizens should be free to refuse to submit to what Police call "Processing" This is forcibly taking DNA samples, Footprints, Fingerprints, and Photographs. The law should be changed and all records should be destroyed beyond use after five years regardless of if you were guilty or not.

If you have been arrested or detained by Police and this "processing" has taken place and you are not charged or found not guilty it should be destroyed immediately and the Police should formally write to you telling you and apologising for their actions.

Why does this idea matter?

It is an infringement of your basic human rights to decide weather or not to give biological and other personal information to the state if you know that it can harm you or cause you to be treated in a different manner to the rest of society.

The Police have had their powers hugely increased since 911 and are widely abusing them.

In my case I have been arrested to order by a former Police officer who is the other party in a boundary dispute which is a civil matter but I have been put through criminal identification by Dyfed Powys Police and a full criminal investigation at public expense.

The Police must have their powers significantly reduced as we now live in a Police State where Police can even invade the Seat of Government. We must turn the clock back and make the Police servants of the citizen that pays for them and not the state.

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