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Freedom to work in the charity/voluntary sector

Comment 2nd July 2010

At the moment, the system as it stands makes it incredibly difficult for those who believe they have a genuine ability and predisposition for charitable work to make an active decision when they leave school and through their lives to enter such work.

People should have the freedom to enter such work without having to worry about financial constraints, as they are putting something valuable into society. 

Some like myself would prefer to work permanently in the charitable or voluntary sector, but have been forced because of financial pressures into private sector employment.

The whole system needs a rethink to allow those who wish to permanently offer their abilities to the charitable sector to be able to do so, and some means needs to be established that maybe the larger companies who have had a monopoly on the workforce for so long should make contributions towards local community funds which perhaps charitable or voluntary workers could be given enough to live on, and then topped up by the government.

Why does this matter?

This idea is important as it is a basic freedom to be able to put your own abilities to good use if you have certain abilities and a predisposition for certain work.

Permanent charitable or voluntary work should not be restricted to those who can afford to do so, and anyone who wishes to contribute to society in such a way should have the ability to be able to do so, in a free and fair "big society".

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