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Comment 29th July 2010

In Britain the goverment are fond of using words like freedom, in reality what freedom do we really have? We are told what we can say or write, in our schools we are told what we can eat, we are virtually told what we can think. We have speed cameras spying on us we have number plate recognition cameras, we have cameras spying on parking, we have cameras spying on us in the High Street all under the guise of "For Your Safety", "For Your Protection". I am not against cameras in accident black spots or near school entrances but in moderation. I think the Goverment should rethink laws that impinge on personal opinions or preferences. Local Councils and Police should rethink their distribution of cameras and get ride of most of them that are simply just money raisers or spies.

Why does this matter?

I think my idea of changing rules and laws that affect the every day lives of the majority people in this country, would instill a real sense of freedom in us all.

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