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Freeholders submitting annual reports to Companies House

Comment 17th August 2010

I live in a Victorian House that has been converted into two flats. We are the owners of the upstairs flat and the neighbours below are the owners of their flat. Together we are, at least in law, all directors of a company that goes by the name of our address. We carry out no trade from these two private dwellings. We share the costs of mutually beneficial work, e.g. getting the outside of the house painted. There are no rents or service charges involved.

Each year we have to file an annual report to Companies House but we have no idea why. Surely no one in Companies House is interested in what we do with the fabric of the property that houses the two flats? Filing these reports costs £30 (or £15 if done online). Presumably this is in part to pay for the officials in Companies House who process our paperwork.

Could the idea that these private, residential properties are companies be scrapped? This would save us some money and time and, if there are many in our situation, create some savings for Companies House.

Why does this matter?

In terms of the property owners (me and my wife, and our neighbours below), it is only important in terms of the irritation factor and the small charge made by Companies House. If there are many in our situation, then scrapping the idea that such properties are companies would allow for savings in Companies House.

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