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Freeing Tax Payers From Double Funding

Comment 24th August 2010

The previous Conservative government introduced policies affecting unemployed people with mortgages.

Firstly, it increased the number of months before unemployed people could gain assistance with their mortgags to nine.

Secondly, to support this policy it expected mortgage holders to provide their own mortgage insurance cover in the event of unemployment.

Finally it added insurance premium tax to mortgage the policies of to those who were willing to cover themselves, even though it would save money to the treasuary should anyone become unemployed.

I wrote and complained at the the time and recieved a bland 'this part of moving towards indirect taxation' letter.

Why should I, and others like me, be taxed for the privilige of saving the govenment money and providing my own cover?

People who are free to pay their own mortgage insurance should not be shackled with IPT, as they are already paying taxes to fund mortgage cover for others through the taxation system.

This is nothing other than double funding.

Why does this matter?

Double funding is wrong in principle.

The UK Govenrment and the EU ensure double fudning in public expenditure is outlawed. Why is it ok for individuals to double fund the govenment?

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