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Fresh Meat Hygiene and Inspection Regs.

Comment 16th July 2010

These regs are issued from London, Cardiff, Edinburgh, and Belfast in order to "protect the meat eating members of the public from unhygienic practices and zoonotic diseases". This is totally unnecessary as we have perfectly adequate regulations in the shape of the european directive which comes from Brussels. The British regs. are approximately twice as long and achieve nothing as we have to abide by the directive in any case. The only advantage of re-inventing the wheel is to create a number of what Gordon Brown called "jobs", which we can no longer afford. It would be very simple to repeal these regs.  and apply the directive. It would also have the added advantage of being familiar to all the foreign vets. who are being imported to apply them.

Although it is beyond my ken I am sure that there are many more trade regs. which could be simplified in a similar manner. After all the British tax payer has paid his money to get these regs. from Brussels and he does not wish to pay again inorder to employ unnecessary bureaucrats.

Why does this matter?

Simplify the regs. for the men in the trade. Simplify it for the enforcer. This will reduce the amount of "personal interpretation".

Using the directive would be a lot cheaper to the poor old tax-payer.

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