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Comment 13th August 2010


Once the above essential items are acquired by any sensible man or woman the rest is simple if you have the proper guidance and desire to be free from poverty and give your family the life that they deserve.

The government "very sadly" lives in a box, it is a very old box and it appears as though there is a very strong adhesive that has sealed it shut.  Unless a government backbone is developed to really do something about standing up and getting out of the box and provide a method to create the above vital instruments for people, then I am afraid that the new government will really not be that new at all.

The public need guarantees that something must be done to get pople off the dole "not just hard talk", create jobs, and situations that will create jobs.  The answer to furnish this for the public is right before them the whole time but they are still unable to see it because the damn adhesive is so firmly stuck, Mr. Cameron cannot lift it open by himself; "he needs me in the box to help him".

Why does this matter?

Everybody on the dole or claiming any type of benefit should pay a fee from their benefit each week "compulsory" that will generate approximately £10'000,000.

Once this is generated, 5 people each week are randomly selected and given and equal share of the sum (less the cost for a house and car for each person).  The five people are off benefits, there are no housing benefits to pay, and they have enough money to invest into business and create job opportunities and look after their family's properly.  Then the following week the same happens again and so on so forth.

There Mr. Cameron and Mr. Osborne, this erradicates very quickly some of the deficeit and takes the pressure away from local government for housing benefit and council tax benefit.

The rules of the game:

  • no piss up party's
  • no illegal activity

I really could create this to absolute perfection if Mr. Cameron would let me.

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