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Front line Troops should be over 21

Comment 20th July 2010

I should like to see all front line troops at least 22 or over as there are far to many youngsters coming home in boxes. This must be very distressing for their mothers and the rest of the family. I have a son of 21 and it would devastate me to loose him.

Why does this matter?

If the government want to continue this war with  which I do not agree, though I worry about Pakistan and it's nuclear arsenal, The threat of terrorism in the UK could be quite adequately dealt with by strengthening our boarders and repatriation of known agitators and terrorists for a much smaller cost. At least putting up the age limit to 22 to fight on the front line may allow the government to pursue this war as the British public  would be less critical of the deaths of older men who have chosen to make the army their career

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