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FSA Guidelines

Comment 5th July 2010

Mu Idea: Make FSA (Food Standards Agency) Guidlines Simple & Binding.

When the EU issues legislation, the FSA issues Guidelines. These guidlines have 2 major flaws.

1.) They are not a legal document, they refer you back to the EU legislation for clarifications

2.) They are not industry specific.

Why does this matter?

1.)   The mere fact the document is not definative means it is a waste of time reading it, then you you need to wade through all the EU mumbo-jumbo in the original Legislation, which often refers back to previous EU legislation – only understandable to a full-time lawyer. Not good for sole-traders.

2.) Often Guildlines cover all Food Establishments, therefore the guidlines cover all types of outlets, often containing information not relating to other industry sectors.  Therefore my suggestion would be a set of guidlines for each class of establishment – Butchery, Fishmonger's, Abbattoirs, Restaurants, Bakery etc

…. You will have much more chance of : (a) everyone understanding the law, (b) Everyone following it.

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