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fuel costs

Comment 3rd July 2010

Fuel costs and other motoring costs are going to RISE despite the oil prices? Ok? Its happening? If you as a Goivernment are NOT going to step in and STOP garages from over charging us at the pump (by a new teired retail profit  price based tax system)

Then lets al least HELP people who NEED transport. I propose that taxis, busses, police services, ambulances, fire services, are all essential. And that for this reason they should be allowed to run on RED DIESEL. At present only agricultural vehicles can do this and it does not seem right.

Why does this matter?

personally.. because im struggling! Badly and i work more hours than 99% of people reading this.. and have less money than 99% at all this stuff abous! I REALLY AM SICK!

Generally.. We were meant to be encouraging car sharing and easing conjestion, increasing use of public transport services. What happened? People WILL share.. if its cheaper to do so! At present.. not many people can afford regular taxis, the bus services, because of routes… are SLOW and always going to be. How many busses are running empty on nights.. when a taxi service would be the answer. We could freeze/ drop our prices… on the introduction of red diesel… as other road users costs increase.

As for other public services, police ambulances fire… i dont even need to explain why they should be able to run on red…!

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