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Fuel Duty Reform

Comment 31st July 2010

Petrol and diesel prices in this country are prohibitive and totally out of order.

Reform Fuel Duty so that if the price is variable and a fuel tax sliding scale needs to be applied.

If it is more than 35p per litre (say 40p) pre-retail then the Government tax take will be 60% share of the overall £1.

If it is more than 25p per litre (say 30p) pre-retail then the Government tax take will be 70% share of the overall £1.

If it is less than 25p per litre pre retail (say 20p) then the Government tax take will be 80% share of the overall £1.

This will keep the cost of fuel roughly about £1 per litre allowing for varying fuel and tax prices.

Why does this matter?

Why punish individuals who live in rural or inaccessible regions? Why punish disabled, elderly or incapacitated people from travelling.

Why hit businesses and families in the pocket all the time when we need work to generate taxation and wealth.

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